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Men in Tennis - Quotations

After being asked if he had ever played in New Jersey- I must have. I remember the bar across the street.
Rod Laver
After losing to Ivan Lendl in under an hour- Sure, on a given day I could beat him. But it would have to be a day he had food poisoning.
Mel Purcell
Andre Agassi was recently born again. Now, if he can only grow up.
Sports Illustrated (1989)
Bjoring Borg ... a Volvo among tennis stars.
Peter Freedman Glad to be Grey (1985)
Bjorn Borg looks like a hunchbacked, jut-bottomed version of Lizabeth Scott, impersonating a bearded Apache princess.
Clive James
Charlie Pasarell moves so slowly between points, that at times he seems to be flirting with reverse gear.
Rex Bellamy The Times
Everyone thinks my name is Jerry Laitis and they call me Mr Laitis. What can you do when you have a name that sounds like a disease?
Vitas Gerulaitis (1977)
I think Pete Sampras has really reached his peak. About the only thing he doesn't do is cook.
Michael Chang (1994)
If Borg's parents hadn't liked the name, he might never have been Bjorn.
Marty Indik
Ivan Lendl is a robot, a solitary, mechanical man who lives with his dogs behind towering walls at his estate in Connecticut. A man who so badly wants to have a more human image that he's having surgery to remove the bolts from his neck.
Tony Kornheiser Washington Post
Ivan Lendl's never going to be a great player on grass. The only time he comes to the net is to shake your hand.
Goran Ivanisevic (1992)
Jim Courier - that pneumatic Charlie Brown.
Allison Pearson Independent on Sunday (1994)
Jimmy Connors likes the ball to come at him in a straight line, so that he can hit it back in another straight line. When it comes to him in a curve, he uses up half of his energy straightening it up again.
Clive James
Like a Volvo, Bjorn Borg is rugged, has good after-sales service, and is very dull.
Clive James The Observer
On Canadian Greg Rusedski becoming British number one - I get a kick out of watching him pick up the accent. He's using words such as 'brilliant' and 'lovely'.
Andre Agassi (19951
When I was 40 my doctor advised me that a man in his forties shouldn't play tennis. I heeded his advice carefully and could hardly wait until I reached 50 to start again.
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