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John McEnroe Quotes and Quotations about John McEnroe

I'm an American. You can't go on where you were born. If you do then John McEnroe would be a German.
Martina Navratilova
John McEnroe has hair like badly turned broccoli.
Clive James The Observer
John McEnroe looks as if he is serving round the edge of an imaginary building.
Clive James The Observer
John McEnroe's so good. Against him, all you can do is shake hands and take a shower.
Tomas Smid (1984)
McEnroe claims John Lloyd is more popular than him because Lloyd married Chris Evert. McEnroe wouldn't be popular if he was married to Marie Osmond.
Terry Kelleher (1979)
On John McEnroe - I don't know that my behaviour has improved that much with age. They just found someone worse.
Jimmy Connors (1984)
On losing badly to McEnroe at Wimbledon- For two weeks I've been seeing the ball like a basketball. Today, I couldn't see it.
Jimmy Connors (1984)
On making the semi-finals of the Australian Open - It's just like you expected - Edberg, Lendl, McEnroe, and Becker.
Patrick McEnroe
Professionalism in tennis ... only resulted in making billionaires out of rude children, producing an onslaught of moody defectors, and a lot of guys with hair that looks as if bats slept in it... Meanwhile, my head swims with the thought that I have watched tennis progress from Don Budge and Alice Marble to Farrah Fawcett becoming John McEnroe's mother-in-law.
Dan Jenkins Playboy (1985)
Tennis players are a load of w**kers. I'd love to put John McEnroe in the centre for Fulham [Rugby League Club] and let some of the big players sort him out.
Colin Wetland (1980)
The Benson and Hedges Cup was won by McEnroe ... he was as charming as always, which means that he was as charming as a dead mouse in a loaf of bread.
Clive James
The best doubles pair in the world is John McEnroe and anyone else.
Peter Fleming (1990) - quotes, quotations and bloopers from the world of sport

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