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Quotations about Rugby League vs Rugby Union

Anyone who doesn't watch rugby league is not a real person. He's a cow's hoof, an ethnic or comes from Melbourne.
John Singleton Australian (1981)
Anyone who's seen the Wigan [League] players stripped has been faced with the raw truth of the matter... No time for male modelling, and even Princess Di would think twice about getting too close to that lot.
Colin Welland The Observer (1995)
Gareth Edwards: The sooner that little so-and-so goes to rugby league, the better it will be for us.
Dickie Jeeps (1967)
I'm 49, I've had a brain haemorrhage and a triple bypass and I could still go out and play a reasonable game of rugby union. But I wouldn't last 30 seconds in rugby league.
Graham Lowe (1995)
League is much, much more physical than Union, and that's before anyone starts breaking the rules.
Adrian Hadley (1988)
On renaming Bradford Northern as the Bulls - Bradford is famous for sheep, but we didn't think that had quite the same ring. When we asked on local radio for a name with Yorkshire connotations someone suggested puddings. So it's Bulls.
Peter Deakin (1995)
On the biggest change after returning to the Union code- It's the first time I've been cold for seven years. I was never cold playing rugby league. Jonathan Davis
A Questtion of Sport BBC TV (1995)
On the smaller Union clubs not going professional- No one has ever suggested that the likes of Old Rubber Duckians should start paying their guys for playing.
Brian Moore (1996)
On yet another Union defection to League - It's not Terry Holmes that Bradford Northern need - it's Sherlock!
Alex Murphy (1985)
Summing up during the 'Dolphin hooks penis round man's leg' indecent sexual act court case - Men do not greet one another like this ... except perhaps at rugby club dinners.
Alan Cooper Defence Counsel (1991)
The main difference between playing League and Union is that now I get my hangovers on Monday instead of Sunday.
Tom David
To play rugby league, you need three things: a good pass, a good tackle and a good excuse.
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