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Quotes about Race Horses

A loose horse is any horse sensible enough to get rid of its rider at an early stage and carry on unencumbered.
Clive James (1980)
A real racehorse should have a head like a lady and the behind like a cook.
Jack Leach
After winning Ascot's Queen Alexandra Stakes on Brown Jack- If you'd been on your honeymoon, you couldn't have had a happier time.
Steve Donoghue
Artificial insemination is a crazy idea. Who wants 100 Mill Reefs anyway?
Richard Baerlein The Observer (1978)
Desert Orchid can't say he's as 'sick as a parrot', or that he won't be quoted until you've talked to his agent. As a gelding he's unlikely to make the nookie sections of the tabloids. He just sets off towards the fences and invites you to throw your spirit with him.
Brough Scott (1989)
Horses are red, Horses are blue, Horses that lose Are turned into glue.
I could cut through the infield and Ruffian would still beat me.
Braulio Baeza
I rode Sea Pigeon in all his work - that's why my arms are so long.
Mark Birch (1983)
If a horse is no good, trade him for a dog, then shoot the dog.
Ben Jones
If I were young, fast, healthy, and had a lot of money and my whole sex life ahead of me, I'd retire - like Secretariat.
Dick Butkus (1973)
If you could call the thing a horse. If it hadn't shown a flash of speed in the straight, it would have got mixed up with the next race.
P. G. Wodehouse Very Good, Jeeves
It was the plainest Oaks field I have ever seen, and the paddock critic who expressed a decided preference for the horse of the policewoman on duty was no bad judge.
Roger Mortimer The Sunday Times
John Henry was no prize. He was back at the knee, ungainly in appearance and had a disposition to rival Dennis the Menace.
Mel Snowdon (1982)
John McCririck: And finally, Brough, there are two or three horses in later races being heavily whispered around the ring - what I call 'psst' horses. Brough Scott Well, if we're going to have 'psst' horses the whole thing is going to fall apart.
Channel 4 TV
Lochsong - she's like Linford Christie ... without the lunchbox.
Frankie Dettori (1994)
On learning that Desert Orchid was more well known than the Chancellor of the Exchequer- Desert Orchid and I have a lot in common. We are both greys; vast sums of money are riding on our performance; the Opposition hopes we will fall at the first fence, and we are both carrying too much weight.
Ginger McCain (1994)
Red Rum is in a stable condition. Anon newsreader
BBC Radio 5 (1992)
Red Rum is the greatest thing on four legs since Pegasus.
Jean Rook
Secretariat and Riva Ridge are the most famous pair of stablemates since Joseph and Mary.
Diek Schaap
Secretariat is everything I am not. He is young, he has lots of hair, he is fast, he has a large bank account and his entire sex life is before him.
Cy Burick Dayton Daily News (1973)
You need luck as well as good blood lines to produce a horse like Secretariat. It's a funny thing. For instance, Secretariat has a half-sister who looks like a potential winner. But he also has a half-sister who couldn't outrun a fat man going downhill.
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