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Race Course Quotations

Apart from the gloriously groomed Royal Drive down the course, Ascot, in the last five years, had slumped from a My Fair Lady spectacle into a vulgar and tatty farce.
Jean Rook Daily Express (1983)
Applying for membership of the Members' Stand at Ascot is now on a par with applying for a passport. One must have the application approved by one of the following list: Ascot annual member, member of the Jockey Club, JP, Minister of Religion, Medical Practitioner, Bank Manager, Chief Constable, Assistant Chief Constable, Barrister or Solicitor. It is a wide choice provided one is not an atheist, bankrupt, sick or in trouble with the law.
Richard Baeriein (1971)
Ascot is so exclusive that it is the only racecourse in the world where the horses own the people.
Art Bucnwald Ordeal at Ascot
At one time a little humdrum adultery could prove a barrier to the Royal Enclosure at Ascot, but now something rather more spectacular is required, such as hijacking a Securicor van or taking too prominent a role in a sex instruction film designed for circulation in the best preparatory schools.
Roger Morton The Sunday Tunes (1971)
Cheltenham's new million-plus stand is surely an improvement but if you have binoculars capable of seeing through concrete, you're advised to bring them.
Peter O'Sullevan (1979)
I loathe Royal Ascot with a passion. All those people who wouldn't know which end bites trying to get spotted by Judith Chalmers, while you're trying to get the saddle down to the horse.
Charles O'Brien The Independent (1994)
Jumping at Ascot is like Blackpool with the tide out.
On Newbury's new Berkshire Grandstand- This is really one of those buildings where the best view is from in it, senses preferably anaesthetised by a stiff drink. A clumpy, Frankenstein agglomeration of pitched roofs, folksy dormers and faux Victorian conservatories that appear to have suffered a near fatal attack of Supermarket Vernacular. An overblown confection resembling a mutant cricket pavilion.
Catharine Stossor Architectural Review (1994)
Some people are born in circumstances which resemble being saddled in the enclosure at Epsom ... when the race is at Ripon.
Tom Crabtrae
Take one measure of Goodwood, two of Salisbury, add a dash of Chateau setting and you have a cocktail called Chantilly, and on a cold damp day last Sunday, I left the racecourse shaken but not stirred.
Prince Pippi (1978)
The Cheltenham National Hunt Festival is an adult Christmas.
Stuart Barnes (1994)
The simple truth is that some of our racecourses are so poorly run and unimaginatively managed, and couldn't attract extra customers if Arkle, Desert Orchid, Nijinsky and the Archangel Gabriel all appeared on the same card.
Sporting life (1994)
There are three racecourses beginning with the letter F - namely Fontwell, Folkestone and effing Plumpton.
Attributed to Fred Winter
When I die I want it to be on Ascot Gold Cup Day.
Betty Kenward Harpers and Queen (1979) - quotes, quotations and bloopers from the world of sport

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