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Rodeo, Polo and Other Horse Related Quotations

At the Olympics, I love watching anything that's special as long as it doesn't have a horse in it.
Daley Thompson (1988)
Comparing his San Diego Chargers football team to his horses - The horses don't have no agents, they don't call me in the morning to renegotiate after winning a race, they don't petition me for more oats, and they don't object to urine analysis.
Gene Klein
If I'm reincarnated, I want to come back as a bucking horse. You work 8 seconds, then eat and sleep the rest of the time.
Pete Gay
It's awfully bad luck on Diana Her ponies have swallowed their bits; She fished down their throats with a spanner And frightened them all into fits.
John Betjeman Hunter Trial (1954)
Oh wasn 't it naughty of Smudges? Oh, Mummy, I'm sick with disgust. She threw me in front of the judges. And my silly old collarbone's bust.
John Betjeman Hunter Trials (1954)
On being asked by Channel 4's Derek Thompson if he owned horses - No, son. I don't like anything that eats while I sleep.
Larry Hagman (1986)
Playing polo is like trying to play golf during an earthquake.
Sylvester Stallone
Rodeoing is the only sport you can't fix. You'd have to talk to the bulls and the horses, and they wouldn't understand you.
Bill Linderman (1954)
The rodeo isn't over till the bull riders ride.
Ralph Carpenter (1978)
There are no handles to horses.
Stephen Leacock
There is nothing like horse-back riding to make a person feel better off. Riding is the art of keeping a horse between yourself and the ground.
You might have imagined that Harvey Smith was mounted on a piece of stereo equipment, but Sanyo Music Centre, though it has a leg in each corner like certain types of radiogram, is in fact a living creature with no provision for the electronic reproduction of sound.
Clive James (1981) - quotes, quotations and bloopers from the world of sport

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