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Horse Owners Quotes and Quotations

I try to keep myself in the best of company and my horses in the worst of company.
Lenny Goodman (1979)
On being asked by Channel 4's Derek Thompson if he owned horses - No, son. I don't like anything that eats while I sleep.
Larry Hagman (1986)
Owning a racehorse is probably the most expensive way of getting on to a racecourse for nothing.
Clement Freud The Times (1989)
The only tip I can give on jumpers is -where to buy them in London.
Henry Cecil Racing Pott (1993)
There is little to compare with the thrill of standing next to the creature in the winner's enclosure avoiding his hooves and receiving the congratulations of the press, your trainer and friends who backed it. What makes the experience so satisfying is that you, the owner, have had absolutely nothing to do with the horse winning.
Robert Morley
Thoroughbreds are superior horses which sneer at other horses who are not in their Who's Who - the General Stud Book. Their telephone numbers are ex-directory. They often gather for many social events such as Ascot when they study one another's clothes and general turn-out.
Rintoul Booth (1975)
We have been involved in racing for so long, it is astonishing we were not born with hooves.
Daniel Wildenstein (1977)
What a pity people don't take as much trouble with their own breeding as intelligent racehorse owners do. But then I suppose it is bordering on fascism to think like that.
Jeffrey Barnard The Spectator (1994)
You never see a pretty, unattached girl on a racecourse. But you often see positive gangs of rather unpretty ones. They are the owners or the owners' wives and they wear mink in all weathers and far too much make-up. For some odd reason, I can never work out why they always seem to be married to haulage contractors in the North, builders in the South and farmers in the West.
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