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Motor Racing
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Women in Motor Racing Quotes and Quotations

After Janet Guthrie had qualified for the Indy 500- In company with the first lady to ever qualify at Indianapolis -gentlemen, start your engines.
Tom Hulman
Cornering is like bringing a woman to a climax. Both you and the car must work together. You start to enter the area of excitement at the corner, you set up a pace which is right for the car and after you've told it it is coming along with you, you guide it along at a rhythm which has by now become natural. Only after you've cleared the corner you can both take pleasure in knowing it's gone well.
Jackie Stewart (1972)
I don't imagine these guys now have any problem finding girls; but I think they train more than we did. We used to use girls to train with. Now they use ropes and chinning. We trained with women.
Tim Flock (1974)
I want to be the fastest woman in the world ... in a manner of speaking.
Shirley MuMowney (1975)
I'd rather have an accident than fall in love - that's how much I love motor racing.
Leila Lombardi (1975)
If a man can f**k and drive race cars, man ... I mean, what else-is there?
Billy Scott (1974)
I've never seen driving as a sexual thing - I just could never consider it in that light. I think women are interested in the drivers because of the dangers, but some of us are as dull as Old Nick.
Jackie Stewart (1968)
On being asked if female drivers were as strong as their male counterparts - You drive the car, you don't carry it.
Janet Guthrie
On winning the Indy 500- It sure didn't make me the million dollars people said it would, but it sure made my ex-wife happy.
Bobby Unser
There are only two things no man will admit he can't do well: drive a car and make love.
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