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Quotations and Quotes about Professional Golfers

A weak left hand? That's all right, I take cheques with the other one.
Bobby Locke
After Costantino Rocca's singles defeat had 'lost' the Ryder Cup for Europe -Italy cost us two world wars. Now they have cost us the Ryder Cup.
Anon German spectator (1993)
Corey Pavin is a little on the slight side. When he goes through a turnstile, nothing happens.
Jim Moriarty (1984)
Gay Brewer sounds like a fag winemaker from Modesto.
Jimmy Demaret
I have never led the tour in money winnings, but I have many times in alcohol consumption.
Fuzzy Zoeller
I learn English from American pros, so that is why I speak so bad. I call it PGA English.
Roberto de Vicenzo
I played so badly I got a get-well card from the Inland Revenue Service.
Johnny Miller (1977)
I wouldn't bet anyone against Byron Nelson. The only time he left the fairway was to pee in the bushes.
Jackie Burke
In 1981, Tom Sieckmann won the Philippine Open, the Thailand Open and the Singapore Open, leaving him second only to the US Marines for victories in the Pacific.
Gary Nuhm Dayton Daily News
Income tax has made more liars out of the American people than golf.
Will Rogers
It takes a lot of guts to play this game, and by looking at Billy Casper, you can tell he certainly has a lot of guts.
Gary Player
My golf game's gone off so much that when I went fishing a couple of weeks ago my first cast missed the lake.
Ben Crenshaw (1977)
On a barren run of form - The American players have a new name for the 'Great White Shark'. Greg Norman is referred to as the 'Carp'.
Guy Hodgson Independent on Sunday
On being paired with Lanny Wadkins -Gripes! They're going to have to hire a third person just to smile for us.
Curtis Strange
On losing to Greg Norman on the second extra hole in the World Matchplay-I played crap, he played crap. He just out-crapped me.
Wayne Grady (1990)
On the length of time it takes to sign his autograph - Sometimes I wish my name was Tom Kite.
Ian Baker-Finch (1995)
On trying to sell a Mercedes-Benz prize - It doesn't fit through the Wendy's drive-in.
Scott Hoch
Perhaps if I dyed my hair peroxide blonde and called myself the 'Great White Tadpole' people would take more notice of me.
Ian Woosnam (1978)
Since his divorce, Fred Couples is now known as Fred Singles.
Bernard Quirk (1993)
Walter Hagen once said that every golfer can expect to have four bad shots in a round and when you do, just put them out of your mind. This, of course, is hard to do when you're not even off the first tee when you've had them.
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