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Quotations about the Golf Swing

A professional will tell you the amount of flex you need in the shaft of your club. The more the flex, the more strength you will need to break the thing over your knee.
Stephen Baker
Being left-handed is a big advantage. No one knows enough about your swing to mess you up with advice.
Bob Charles (1973)
Corey Pavin is the only golfer whose practice swing is worse than his actual swing.
Johnny Miller (1995)
Gay Brewer swings the club in a figure of eight. If you didn't know better, you'd swear he was trying to kill snakes.
Dave Hill
Golf: an awkward set of bodily contortions designed to produce a graceful result.
Tommy Armour
Hubert Green swings like a drunk trying to find a keyhole in the dark.
Jim Murray Los Angeles Times
I never did see the sense in keeping my head down. The only reason I play golf is to see where the ball goes.
Charles Price Golfer-at-Large (1982)
I was swinging like a toilet door on a prawn trawler.
David Feherty (1993)
My backswing off the first tee had put him in mind of an elderly lady of dubious morals trying to struggle out of a dress too tight around the shoulders.
Patrick Campbell
My golf swing is like ironing a shirt. You get one side smoothed out, turn it over and there is a big wrinkle on the other side. You iron that side, turn it over and there's another wrinkle.
Tom Watson (1987)
The difference between a good golf shot and a bad one is the same as the difference between a beautiful woman and a plain one - a matter of millimetres.
Ian Fleming Goldfinger (1959)
The most exquisitely satisfying act in the world of golf is that of throwing a club. The full backswing, the delayed wrist action, the flowing follow-through, followed by that unique whirring sound, reminiscent only of a passing flock of starlings, are without parallel in sport.
Henry Longhurst
The only thing you should force in a golf swing is the club back into the bag.
Byron Nelson
You can't hit a good five iron when you're thinking about a six iron on the back swing.
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