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Cricket - Quotes and Quotations about Spin Bowling

A Yorkshire team without a left-arm slow bowler would be like an army without its general, a jockey without a horse, a fish without chips.
Don Mosey
After he had been run out twice in one match - Arthur Booth is a slow bowler, and on the evidence of this match the characteristic would appear to apply equally to his running.
J. M. Kilburn
At Grace Road, Leicester- You've come over at a very appropriate time; Ray Illingworth has just relieved himself at the pavilion end.
Brian Johnston
Bill O'Reilly's googly was harder to spot than a soda fountain in the bush.
Colin McCool
Clarrie Grimmett thought'a full toss was the worst form of cricket vandalism and the long hop a legacy from pre-historic days when barbarians rolled boulders towards the enemy.
Arthur Mailey
I forget it's Shane Warne and just think of him as any old bowler lobbing down a lump of leather.
Brian Lara (1995)
On a meddling non-captain - Phil Edmonds needs two more field changes to get his 1,000 for the season.
Jim Laker
On his figures of 4 for 362 from 64 overs, when Victoria scored a record 1,107 runs - If that chap in the brown derby hat at the back of the grandstand had held his catches, I'd have had them out days ago ... Very few chances were given, but I think a chap in a tweed coat dropped Jack Ryder near the shilling stand ... It was rather a pity that Ellis got out at 1,107, because I was just striking a length.
Arthur Mailey (1926)
On Jim Laker's ten wickets in a Test innings- No bugger ever got all ten when I was bowling at the other end.
Sydney Barnes (1956)
On South African spinner 'Tufty' Mann continually outfoxing England batsman George Mann - So what we are watching here is a clear case of Mann's inhumanity to Mann.
John Arlott (1948)
Sign outside his butcher's shop in Sydney- I used to bowl tripe, then I wrote it, now I sell it.
Arthur Mailey
Taking a cricket ball away from Clarrie Grimmett during a match was like taking a bone from a dog.
R. S. Whrtington
When I get to heaven I shall produce on my behalf, in hope of salvation, my stock of failures and frustrations. My attempt to become a leader writer on the Manchester Guardian, my attempts to sing the Abscheid of Wotan, my attempts to understand Hegel, my attempts to spin a fast ball from the leg to the off stump.
Neville Cardus
When you're an off-spinner there's not much point glaring at a batsman. If I glared at Viv Richards he'd just hit me even further.
David Acfield (1982) - quotes, quotations and bloopers from the world of sport

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