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Newspaper Quotes about Cricket

After England lost the Ashes 4-0-Mickey Stewart said the England players do not think about defeat. Some of them do not seem to think about much at all.
Mike Selvey The Guardian (1990)
After England's defeat by India -BOMBAY POTATOES
The Sun (1993)
After England's defeat by Sri Lanka -A LOAD OF LANKAS
The Sun (1993)
After going 4-0 down in the Ashes series - Mr Gower is the most disastrous leader since Ethelred the Unready. Beyond question he should now stand down in favour of Ken Dodd.
The Sun (1990)
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust - If Thomson don't get ya, Lillee must.
Sydney Telegraph (1975)
Cricketer: a creature very nearly as stupid as a dog.
Bernard Levin The Times (1965)
Definition: vb. to 'illingworth', to meddle, to interfere, to stick one's oar in. 'Illingworth' ... probably comes from the term 'shillingworth', all that could be bought for a single shilling. Thus to 'illingworth' implied a miserliness, a reluctance to squander resources.
Dan Glateter The Guardian (1995)
Devon Malcolm is the scattergun of Test cricket, capable on his worst days of putting the fear of God into short leg and second slip rather than the batsman. But sometimes, when the force is with him and he puts his contact lenses in the correct eyes, he can be devastating.
Mike Selvey The Guardian (1995)
Headline News After England's defeat in Holland - CLOGGED!
The Sun (1989)
I see that Northamptonshire have a new bowler called Kettle. May I suggest to Keith Andrew that the best time to put him on would be ten minutes before the tea interval.
Letter to The Cricketer (1959)
If the good Lord had ever shown me how to pick out the googly from a leg-break at a range of about 20 yards I would not now be a sportswriter.
Ian WooMridge Daily Mail(1979)
In one-day games batsmen are as homogeneous as baked beans.
Peter Roebuck The Sunday Times (1985)
Is it possible that the current outbreak of chicken-pox affecting the England cricket tourists could be caused by the incessant shouting of Mike Gatting to 'Catch it!'?
John Banfield, letter to Daily Telegraph
On minor 'changes' made to the England team - If what the selection committee came up with for Trent Bridge is rebuilding, I don't want them doing my renovations.
Ian Chappell Adelaide Advertiser (1990)
On the inclusion of a former Australian youth player in the England test team -Martin McCague will go down as the rat who joined a sinking ship.
Sydney Daily Telegraph-Mirror (1993)
On the South Africans' penchant for facial sunblock - What bemuses me is why they should come out after dinner in a day-night match facially smeared like Hottentots seeking missionaries served medium rare.
Ian Wooldridge Daily Mail (1996)
On the unofficial England tour to South Africa - The ANC should now admit that it had its tactics wrong all along. Nelson Mandela, instead of pointlessly getting himself locked up for life, merely because he wanted his people to be free, should have concentrated on his batting skills.
Phillip Cole, letter to The Guardian (1989)
Shane Warne is the raider of the lost art.
Bob Holmes The Observer (1994)
Sunday League cricket: multi-coloured pyjamas, two-tone umpires, and white balls with black seams. There is nothing like traditional English sport.
David Hunn The Sunday Times
Telling dear old Devon Malcolm to bowl down the corridor of uncertainty is like asking bombers to demolish a city without hurting any civilians.
Peter Roebuck The Sunday Times (1993)
The synthetic indignation of certain English cricketers over alleged Pakistani ball-tampering: the unedifying in pursuit of the unbeatable.
Patrick Collins Mail on Sunday (1992)
The traditional dress of the Australian cricketer is the baggy green cap on the head and the chip on the shoulder. Both are ritualistically assumed.
Simon Barnes The Times
Watching cricket is easy. All anyone needs is a deckchair, a pipe or knitting, and a week off from the office.
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