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In the rear, the small diminutive figure of Shoaif Mohammed, who can't be much taller or shorter than he is
Henry Blofeld

His throw went absolutely nowhere near where it was going
Richie Benaud

That was a tremendous six, the ball was still in the air as it went over the boundary
Fred Trueman

Alderman knows that he's either going to get a wicket, or he isn't
Steve Brenkley

and Marshall throws his head to his hands
Christopher Martin-Jenkins

He's no mean slouch as a bowler
Mike Denness

The pattern of the match is certainly swaying towards Kent
Tom Graveney

Yorkshire were 232 all out. Sir Len Mutton ill ... No! I'm sorry, Hutton 111.
John Snagge, BBC Radio

It's a catch he would have caught 99 times out of a 1000
Henry Blofeld

Even Downton couldn't get down high enough for that
Richie Benaud

There are good one day players, there are good Test players, and vice versa
Trevor Bailey

That black cloud is coming from the direction the wind is blowing, now the wind is coming from where the black cloud is.
Ray Illingworth

And he's got the guts to score runs when the crunch is down
John Murray

The Sri Lankan team have lost their heads, literally.
Gamine Goonasena

For any budding cricketers listening do you have any superstitious routines before an innings, like putting one pad on first and then the other one ?
Tony Lewis

We owe some gratitude to Gatting and Lamb, who breathed some life into a corpse which had nearly expired
Trevor Bailey

It was a good tour to break my teeth in
Bernard Thomas

That slow motion replay doesn't show how fast the ball was travelling
Richie Benaud

That's what cricket is all about. Two batsmen pitting their wits against one another
Fred Trueman

I don't think he expected it, and that's what caught him unawares
Trevor Bailey

The Queen's Park Oval, exactly as the name suggests, absolutely round
Tony Cozier

Well, everyone is enjoying this except Vic Marks, and I think he's enjoying himself
Don Mosey

Anyone foolish enough to predict the outcome of this match is a fool
Fred Trueman

I don't know if this is his highest score in the John Player League, if not this is his highest score
Robert Hudson

The first time you face up to a googly you're going to be in trouble if you've never faced one before
Trevor Bailey

It's a truism to say that there's been a change in the weather here at Trent Bridge this morning
Jim Laker

He'll certainly want to start by getting off the mark
Don Mosey

I was surprised that Geoff Howarth won the toss
Jim Laker

People started calling me "Fiery" because "Fiery" rhymes with Fred just like "Typhoon" rhymes with Tyson
Fred Trueman

Joel Garner, he pockets them for breakfast
Fred Trueman

So that's 57 runs needed by Hampshire in 11 overs and it doesn't need a calculator to tell you that the run rate required is 5.1818
Norman DeMesquita

That's a remarkable catch by Yardley specially as the ball quite literally rolled along the ground towards him
Mike Denness

Unless something happens that we can't predict, I don't think a lot will happen
Fred Trueman

He caught it like shelling peas
Fred Trueman

No captain with all the hindsight in the world can predicy how the wicket is going to play
Trevor Bailey

Then there was that dark horse with the golden arm, Mudassar Nazar
Trevor Bailey

And a sedentary seagull flies by
Brian Johnston

And Ian Greig's on eight, including two fours
Jim Laker

An interesting morning, full of interest
Jim Laker

I think if you've got a safe pair of hands, you've got a safe pair of hands
Tom Graveney - quotes, quotations and bloopers from the world of sport

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