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Quotes and Quotations about Boxing Trainers and Promoters

A lot of boxing promoters couldn't match the cheeks of their buttocks.
Mickey Duff
Barry Hearn is still a legend in his own mind.
Mickey Duff
Bob Arum is one of the worst people in the western hemisphere. I don't know the eastern hemisphere very well, but I suspect he'd be one of the worst people there too, if he went.
Cut D'Amato
Boxing is a great soap opera but at the moment it's Coronation Street without balls, and I want it to be Dallas with balls.
Barry Hearn (1989)
Contrary to the old wives' tale that bloody-minded trainers put around, a little love-in before the main event can do you more good than a rub-down with The Sporting Life.
John Conteh
On his prowess as a cut-man -1 can close any cut in the world in 50 seconds, so long as it ain't a total beheading.
Adolph Ritacco (1980)
On managers and promoters - Never in the ring of human conflict have so few taken so much from so many.
Saoul Mamby
On monetary demands after winning the world title - Everybody wants a piece of the cake, but my cake has no slices.
Ingemar Johansson
On Vinnie Pazienza fighting Greg Haugen - Because this is a title fight, I can have four people in the corner and I'll have an extra cut-man. I'll also have an extra stool, one for Vinnie to sit on, and the other to throw at him if he doesn't listen to me.
Lou Duva (1987)
So many of Barry Hearn's boxers end up in hospital, he should sell his limousine and buy an ambulance.
Mickey Duff
Sport is business and business is business. It's nothing really new - Kid Cain would not have put his title on the line against Boy Abel if the money hadn't been right.
Frank Keating - quotes, quotations and bloopers from the world of sport

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