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Muhammad Ali Quotes and Quotations about Muhammad Ali

After Ali had been beaten by Joe Frazier in New York- Why should I feel sorry for Ali? He got two and a half-million dollars for being beaten up. Most of us in this city have to pay for the privilege.
Anon boxing fan
After Lennox Lewis had beaten Tommy Morrison - 'He's the new Ali' claims boxing guru Manny Steward ...
seasoned observers wonder if he's talking about Ali Bongo!
Total Sport (1995)
After the press accused him of not trying against Muhammad Ali.
Joe Bugner: Get me Jesus Christ and I'll fight him tomorrow!
Hugh Mcllvanney: Joe, you're only saying that because you know he's got bad hands.
Ali wouldn't have hit Joe Louis on the bum with a handful of rice.
Tommy Fair
Don't watch Ali's gloves, arms or legs when he's fighting. Watch his brains.
Jose Torres (1970)
During a fight against Muhammad All -Butch Lewis is making no attempt to get out of the corner... and is hanging his chin out like a lantern in a storm.
Reg Gutteridge (1972)
For Muhammad All to compose a few words of real poetry would be equal to an intellectual throwing a punch.
Norman Mailer
General Gowon of Nigeria: I used to do some boxing.
Muhammad Ali: What did you box? Apples or oranges?
Here I predict Sonny Liston 's dismemberment, I'll hit him so hard, he'll forget where October/November went.
Muhammad Ali (1964)
He's not only a lousy fighter, he's a bad actor. Louis or Marciano could have whipped him by telephone.
Dan Digilio (1965)
I got into the ring with Muhammad Ali once and I had him worried for a while. He thought he'd killed me!
Tommy Cooper
I'd like to borrow Clay's body for 48 hours. There are three guys I'd like to beat up and four women I'd like to make love to.
Jim Murray Los Angeles Times (1964)
I'll beat Floyd Patterson so bad, he'll need a shoehorn to put his hat on.
Muhammad Ali
I'm so fast I could hit you before God gets the news.
Muhammad Ali
Joe Frazier's so ugly they ought to donate his face to the World Wildlife Fund.
Muhammad Ali (1971)
Muhammad Ali isn't a puncher. He just hit me so many times I didn't know where I was.
Brian London
Musically speaking, if Larry Holmes don't C sharp, he'll B flat.
Muhammad Ali
On Ali still fighting at the age of 39 - He now floats like an anchor, stings like a moth.
Ray GandoHo (1982)
On being told his next opponent, Chuck Wepner, was another great white hope -That's the only hope he's got.
Muhammad Ali
On his flamboyant lifestyle - He stings like a bee, but lives like a W.A.S.P.
Eamonn Andrews (1972)
On Muhammad All's rope-a-dope tactics against Foreman - AH fought over the ropes as if he was leaning backwards out of the bathroom window to see if the cat was on the roof.
George Plimpton (1974)
Richard Dunn's not overawed by this Muhammad Ali. Why, we've got far too many of those black chat merchants back home in Bradford. He's right used to seeing them dance up and down Westgate with their tambourines every Saturday.
Jimmy Devanney
Sonny Listen's so ugly, that when he cries the tears run down the back of his head.
Muhammad Ali (1964)
Stewardess: Mr Ali, please fasten your safety belt.
Ali: Superman don't need no safety belt.
Stewardess: Superman don't need no plane either.
The only trouble with Cassius Clay is that if ever a guy misplayed a role in history it was he ... He was going to show that crime didn't pay. Sonny Liston, at that time, would have been the sentimental underdog in a rattlesnake hunt. Cassius took one year to turn Liston into the most popular public favourite since St George. They gave Cassius the part of the marshal in High Noon and he wanted to be the guy in the black hat. He's the kind of guy who would get people rooting against doctors in an epidemic.
Jim Murray (1965)
They're selling video cassettes of the Ali-Spinks re-match for $89.95. Hell, for that money Leon will come to your house.
Dr Ferdie Pacheco
When if comes to ballyhoo, Muhammad Ali made Barnum-and Bailey look like non-starters, and he had the incandescent quality of the real star which would have made him famous, even if his gift was knitting not fighting.
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