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Boxing quotations

After another loss by Chango Cruz - The bum was up and down so many times I thought he was an Otis elevator.
Harry Kabakoff (1977)
After her son Johnny had been banned for life for hitting a referee - I wish I had put ballet shoes on him and not boxing gloves.
Hazel Frankham (1987)
Always work the ref's blind side.
Frrtzie Zivic
Before Alan Minter's successful world title fight against Vito Antuofermo - Minter thinks that yielding is a term used to describe the going on racecourses.
Hugh Mclfvanney (1980)
Before fighting Pernell 'Sweef Pea' Whitaker- When I get done with 'Sweet Pea', he'll be 'Split Pea'.
Greg Haugen
Boxing is built on bums. How else are you gonna know good from bad? How else is a good boy gonna get on top and get experience unless he fights bums? I tell ya, there's a shortage of bums.
Al Braverman (1975)
Gerry Cooney can't fight to keep warm.
Irving Rudd
Hector Camacho's great-dream is to die in his own arms.
Irving Rudd
Herol Graham has turned defensive boxing into a poetic art. Trouble is, nobody ever got knocked out by a poem.
Eddie Shaw
I fought Sugar [Ray Robinson] so many times that I'm lucky I didn't get diabetes.
Jake LaMotta
I just visualise fighting as a sport, no worse than football, no worse than basketball. I believe it's the public that makes the sport as brutal as it is. David slew Goliath. Look at Samson. Look at Moses and the Hebrew boys. All those guys were warriors.
Marvis Frazier
I only have to read Joe Louis' name and my nose starts to bleed again.
Tommy Fair
I was once knocked out by a Mexican bantamweight - six of my pals were swinging him around by his heels at the time.
Randall Tex' Cobb
I'd love to fight Gerry Cooney. But I have my price - 25 cents and a loose woman.
Randall Tex'Cobb
If a boxer ever went as crazy as Nijinsky all the wowsers in the world would be screaming 'punch drunk!' Well, who hit Nijinsky? And why isn't there a campaign against ballet? It gives girls thick legs.
A. J. Liebling The Sweet Science
If bullshit was poetry, Ray 'Boom Boom' Mancini's name would be Shakespeare.
Dennis Rappaport
If they cut my bald head open, they will find one big boxing glove. That's all I am.
Marvellous' Marvin Hagler
I'll bet th' hardest thing 'bout prize fightin' is pickin' up yer teeth with a boxin' glove on.
Francis 'Kin' Hubbard
In Willie DeWit, we have an all-American boy, even though he is a Canadian.
Billy Joe Fox
Jake LaMotta and I fought six times. We almost got married.
Sugar Ray Robinson
Me and Jake LaMotta grew up in the same neighbourhood. You wanna know how popular Jake was? When we played hide and seek, nobody ever looked for LaMotta.
Rocky Graziano
My girlfriend boos when we make love because she knows it turns me on.
Hector Camacho (1989)
My God, kids today think that the laces are for tying up the gloves.
Fritzie Zivic
Naseem Hamed is naturally fit. I've seen more fat on a butcher's apron.
Reg Gutteridge, ITV (1995)
On a strange offer after becoming world champion - Pose nude for Playgirl - I wouldn't pose nude for Boxing News.
John Conteh (1974)
On being asked for a drug test urine sample immediately after winning a world title - It's marvellous. You win the championship of the world and the first thing they say to you is 'Piss off!'
Jim Watt
On being asked, by a female reporter, if he watched his opponent's eyes or gloves- His gloves, dear. I've never been hit by an eye in my life.
Terry Dowries
On Billy Conn, who threatened to use his mobility against the world champion -He can run, but he can't hide.
Joe Louis (1941)
On boxing comebacks - There are certain things you can't get back, like the elastic in your socks.
Eddie Futch
On choosing a referee for his fight against Floyd Patterson - It don't matter as long as he can count up to ten.
Sonny Liston
On her husband Ron's defeat by Joe Frazier- I'm a realist. You don't enter a Volkswagen at Indy unless you know a helluva shortcut.
Dariene Stander
On Joe Frazier's attempt to sing The Star Spangled Banner in tune- I've made the national anthem a six-point underdog.
Jimmy The Greek' Snyder
On looking for a better class of opponent -1 don't want to fight no Mexican roadsweepers no more.
Nigel Benn
On Naseem Hamed- He just wants to get in there and mash them. If you broke his arm, he'd kick you. If you broke his leg, he'd bite you. If you took out his teeth, he'd nut you. This boy wants to fight.
Brendan Ingle (1995)
Putting an ex-fighter in the business world is like putting silk stockings on a pig.
Jack Hurley (1981)
Saying that Howard Cosell quit commentating on boxing because it's sleazy is like saying Nixon quit politics because it's crooked.
Paul Gereffi
To hell with the Queen of Marksbury.
Pierre Bouchard (1973)
Years ago we had the Raging Bull, Jake LaMotta. Today, we've got the Raging Bullshit, Bruce Strauss.
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