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Mike Tyson Quotes and Quotations about Mike Tyson

A rematch with Mike Tyson is as attractive as Sam Fox and Maria Whittaker put together.
Frank Bruno (1995)
After being knocked out - Mike Tyson dropped me. and when I looked up, the count was on five. I said to myself, 'Damn, whatever happened to one to four.'
Buster MathisJr (1995)
After Buster Douglas knocked out Tyson - He's just like Humpty Dumpty. They're not going to be able to put Tyson back together again.
George Foreman (1990)
Before the first Tyson fight- Frank Bruno figures to be the biggest British disaster since the Titanic. Las Vegas will bet you even money Bruno doesn't last the first round. He's 7-1 to lose, 6-1 to get knocked out, he's probably 7-5 to get killed.
Jim Murray Los Angeles Times (1989)
Everything Tyson's got has 'goodnight' written on it.
Mills Lane
If Mike Tyson gets any better, he'll be hitting Lou Rawls while he sings the National Anthem.
Arsenic Hall (1987)
Mike Tyson has recently found Islam, so his next fight could be a Ramadan-a-Ding-Dong affair.
Rory Bremner (1995)
Mike Tyson's not all that bad. If you dig deep ... dig real deep, dig, dig, dig, dig, dig, deep, deep, go all the way to China ...
I'm sure, you'll find there's a nice guy in there.
George Foreman
Nothing is going to stop Mike Tyson that doesn't have a motor attached.
David Brenner New York Times (1988)
On a potential match with Mike Tyson -It would be like the elephants standing up on two feet. It would be like the man being shot out of the cannon. It would be like a woman with a beard down to the floor. It would be the greatest show on earth.
George Foreman (1995)
On his 'overnight excess' after beating Mike Tyson - Buster Douglas went to bed as a 231-pound world champion and woke up as a 270-pound parade float.
Scott Ostler
On Larry Holmes taking on Mike Tyson -We could be wincing witnesses of the worst tumble taken by a Holmes since Conan Doyle put us ringside at the Reichenbach Falls. Sherlock came back after that one. This must be Larry's last stand.
Hugh Mcllvanney The Observer
On Lennox Lewis fighting a five foot nine inch opponent- They say they have picked Justin Fortune because he's the same height as Mike Tyson. So is my wife.
Frank Warren (1995)
On Mike Tyson's '89 second' opponent in his comeback fight- Peter McNeeley, the Great White Hopeless.
Boston Globe (1995)
On Mike Tyson's tempestuous marriage to Robin Givens - Whenever he would tell me about their arguments, I begged him, 'Whatever happens, do not hit your wife.'
Jose Torres (1988)
On the brevity of Mike Tyson's early fights- Mike's like a Gershwin or Beethoven. You go for the quality of the performance, not the longevity of it.
Don King (1989)
On the same fight- Peter McNeeley dived in with overarm shots like a child hurriedly learning the doggie paddle in the deep end.
Frank Keating The Guardian (1995)
On Tyson's second comeback opponent - The current version of Buster Mathis [Jr.] boasts not just a Michelin man waist but an embonpoint thai would give him a better shot at starring in the next Wonderbra poster than winning a boxing title.
Richard Williams The Guardian (1995)
Tyson fights like you stole something from him or said something nasty about his family.
Mike Acri
When Mike Tyson gets mad, you don't need a referee, you need a priest.
Jim Murray Lot Angeles Times (1996) - quotes, quotations and bloopers from the world of sport

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