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Heavyweights Quotes and Quotations about Heavyweight Boxers

After being stripped of his world light-heavyweight title - I lost it by default, not de-punch.
John Conteh
After knocking out his British opponent -They told me Jack Bodell was awkward and he was ... he fell awkwardly.
Jerry Quarry
Anyone who weighs over 200 pounds can punch -1 don't care if it's a broad.
Angeto Dundee
Billy Wells was all chin from the waist up.
Frank Moran
Don Cockell is the biggest thing on canvas since 'The Wreck of the Hesperus'.
Anon (1955)
Floyd Patterson is everything a world heavyweight champion should be -except busy.
Rocky Mareiano
I came from a dirt farm, now I'm filthy rich.
Larry Holmes
If Larry Holmes is the people's champion, then asparagus is the people's vegetable.
Bernia Linicome Chicago Tribune
I'm the best heavyweight in Canada and I'll still be the best when I'm dead seven years.
George Chuvalo (1979)
In his prime, Joe Bugner had the physique of a Greek statue but he had fewer moves.
Hugh Mcllvanney (1986)
In pro boxing, let's face it, the name of the game is how much you make - not how many honours won. Billy Walker was the most successful flop in history.
Reg Gutteridge
I've been knocked down more than any heavyweight champion in history, but I consider that a compliment, because I must have got up more than any heavyweight champion.
Floyd Patterson (1972)
Jesus Christ, 60 per cent of all the Aussies think Joe Bugner is something you find up the Queensland Premier's nose.
New Australasian Express (1987)
Mexicans are always tough with lots of heart; Koreans raw and gritty; the poor British tend to stand up straight and take it on the chops, bleeding almost before the opening bell.
Stephen Brount
On Bruce Woodcock - Sleep came as it must come to all British heavyweights, midway in the fifth round.
Red' Smith
On Jack Dempsey winning the world heavyweight title - The champion, Jess Willard, had about as much chance in this fight as a dish-faced chimpanzee in a beauty contest.
Arthur 'Bugs' Baer (1919)
On taking up rugby league after his defeat by Lennox Lewis- In boxing, it's one against one, whereas in rugby league you have 13 guys coming at you, all trying to do you damage. Mind you, my last fight was a bit like that.
Gary Mason (1992)
On why Henry Cooper quit his greengrocer's business- His potatoes kept getting cut eyes.
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