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Frank Bruno Quotes and Quotations about Frank Bruno

After his gruelling world title fight with Oliver McCall- My head looks like ET gone wrong.
Frank Bruno (1995)
After winning the world title at the fourth attempt- Frank, you deserve a knighthood, or maybe even Lord of the Rings.
Desmond Lynam Sportsnight BBC TV (1995)
Before the Tyson rematch - Frank Bruno has a chin of such pure Waterford crystal, it gives rise to the old adage that people who live in glass jaws shouldn't throw punches. The biggest danger in fighting Bruno is that you might get hit by flying glass.
Jim Murray Los Angeles Times (1996)
Bruno still sounds like another British heavyweight, reminding us of Dorothy Parker's line: 'If all the British heavyweights were laid end to end, we wouldn't be surprised.'
Ring magazine
By the way Frank Bruno went on about beating Bugner, you'd have thought he had won the Booker prize, not just taken time to out-jab an old man bullocking around pretty harmlessly in the pension queue.
Frank Keating The Guardian (1988)
Frank Bruno says I'm chicken. Well you can tell him I've come home to roost.
Joe Bugner (1988)
Frank Bruno's fall was that of a felled oak. As the dust settled there was a silence, and then followed the gentle rustle of falling leaves of greenbacks.
Frank Keating Punch
If Bruno insists on calling himself a world champion, then he is champion only of that portion of the'globe not inhabited by any number of superior heavyweights including Riddick Bowe, Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield, Lennox Lewis, Bruce Seldon, George Foreman, Luciano Pavarotti, Keith Chegwin, Mr Eric Younghusband, 22 Bramble Lane, Stoke Poges ...
Robert Philip Daily Telegraph (1995)
Joe Bugner fought Bruno like the objective of boxing was to get hit on the jaw.
Jim Jacobs (1988)
On rumours that Oliver McCall failed to provide a drug test urine sample after his defeat by Frank Bruno - Anyone who studied McCall's contribution to the fight would not have been surprised that he failed to hit a sample tube with the required amount afterwards. Bruno, of course, had no such trouble. He is well used to having the piss taken out of him by his fellow countrymen.
Peter Corrigan Independent on Sunday (1995)
On winning the world title - It was like a Michael Jackson concert, Pavarotti, Vera Lynn and VE-Day, all rolled into one.
Frank Bruno Sportsnight BBC TV (1995)
Since I didn't want to go round mugging old ladies or robbing banks, I took up boxing.
Frank Bruno
To newly-crowned Frank Bruno - After all the years of punishment you've taken, you must be thinking about giving up pantomime.
Clive Anderson Clive Anderson Talks Back Channel 4 TV (1995) - quotes, quotations and bloopers from the world of sport

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